About Us


IANT (Institute Of Advance Network Technology) is an International IT Certification Company, visioned to train IT workforce with global values for India & Abroad. Excellence of 18 years in Advanced IT training[Corporate & Retail], International IT Certifications, IT Infra Development and support, Recruitment solutions have made IANT, the NO.1 IT Training Company in India.

To address the increasing demand for Cyber Security professionals in the country, IANT has entered into a partnership with Star Certification, The Global provider of Certifications and Training in Information Security.

Joining hands with Star Certification, IANT has proactively taken measures to help the nation produce Cyber Warriors. This partnership will help educate students and better their knowledge in the Cyber Security domain. This will be an excellent opportunity to build the future of a Cyber Secure India.

SCSU course is necessary for all people who use Computer, Laptop, Mobile, iPad, Tabletsand Smart phones.There is no age bar for pursuing the SCSU certification course.Moreover , it gives knowledge to individuals to secure their operating systems effectively.